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Wind Report - FIND OUT before you Go!

GUSTY - Wind Info for Cape Town on your mobile browser.

Live! Windspeed & Direction from ALL our CT stations.
You get ACCESS for 4 HOURS to Live! Wind Info on any cellphone browser.
Get your Live! Wind info now for All the Cape Town stations
- simply SMS the code GUSTY to 39055
SMS cost R15 for 4 hours viewing-no free sms. Works for ALL ZA networks .

We give you 4 hours access to the below page showing Live! Wind Info from our Cape Town stations on your mobile and any cellphone browser

In return, we send you a ReplySMS with a URL to view the below page in your browser. Simply open the sms, select the URL and view this page - then REFRESH the page to see the updated winds for the next 4 hours (after which the URL expires).

Windspeed in knots - for kph multiply by 2x (Actual 1 knot = 1.85 kph)

WindSMS for casual users - gives you the Live! Wind info for each station together with 3 past readings. SMS any of the above station codes to 36010 at R5

Email me mike @ - should you require any further information about Live! Wind on your cellphone

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