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The Wind Report - for Gauteng and surrounds.

Be Safe! - Find Out before you Go.   Save time, save petrol
This page consists of Live! Wind info for Gauteng
provided by independent affiliates who own and run these wind stations.
They are run to the best of their abilities - please check here to see if they are online.
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This one stop site also shows you many forecasts for the whole of South Africa to help you decide what the weather might do and where to go. Our Wind and Surf services are all obtainable from the most portable unit around - your cellphone.

We manage and maintain our own automatic weather stations situated along the coast and we invite any other interested persons to join our valuable network.
Please if you have a suitable site and wish to host a Weather Station.

Have a blast!
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We provide valuable weather info to help you decide where to go and enjoy your favourite Wind and Surf sport.

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