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How the Wind Report website & WindSMS works

Find Out before you Go - for both your enjoyment and your safety.
Our Weather stations read the wind 24 hours 7 days a week and the wind data is sent to our server every 3 minutes.
Way more accurate than any forecast! Especially due to Cape Town's many micro climates caused by our position and the mountains of the Cape Peninsula together with the cold Benguela current sweeping past.

This website gives you all wind data from each station plus history data up till 2 hours previously. This shows you the trend of the wind conditions and along with forecasts allows you to make a call about where to go.

To get the current Live! Wind info - use the Premium Rate SMS system
Works for the 4 South African networks - Vodacom MTN CellC and Telkom Mobile.
WindSMS is the basis of our Live! Wind Report system (see below for example)
    The SMS gives you the following info
  • current Windspeed & Direction
  • plus the past 3 wind readings from our stations
      to give you a feeling of how the wind is developing or dropping.
  • We also give you the current temperature
    • Cold air is denser which makes the wind stronger. The more water vapor that is in the air, the less dense the air becomes. That is why cold, dry air is much heavier than warm, humid air.
  • plus the current barometric pressure.
      Rising or falling barometer shows changes in the weather with more or less wind.
How do you get the Live! Wind info?
You simply SMS a 2-letter code to a short number for our service utilizing Premium Rate SMS. Within a few minutes the server will sms you back with the wind info.
Each time you want a PremiumSMS you must SMS a code to the short number.
As with all PremiumSMS you pay for each sms you request - ie. there are NO free sms. Works for all the SA networks Vodacom MTN CellC and Telkom Mobile - no virtual networks.
The best option and the most useful
- Live Wind Info for 4 hours on your mobile -
- you get 4 hours UNLIMITED ACCESS to Wind info from ALL Cape Town stations.
Refresh the link as often as needed until it expires 4 hours later.
Simply SMS code GUSTY to 39055 at R15 once off.
Click here to see page Live! Mobile Wind Info for Cape Town

WindSMS - or StationSMS gives you current wind info plus 3x previous wind readings plus current temperature and barometric pressure.
This allows you to get a feel for what the wind is doing.
You sms to 36010 at R5 once off.
Click here to see Stations CT Stations
AreaSMS - gives you current wind info from 3 stations in an area around Cape Town.
You sms to 38020 at R10 once off.
Click here to see page Area Wind Reports
Wind Finder - a Kitesurfer / windsurfer who is looking for wind will find this useful
We sms you the current wind info from the 3 stations recording the highest wind.
You sms to 38020 at R10 once off.
Click here to see FIND - WIND FINDER
At R13 a litre of petrol we help you save money and your time
by knowing what the wind is doing around the Cape Peninsula.
Thousands have benefited from our service since 1990.
Save up to 30% with PrePaid credits
you cut out the networks and their PremiumSMS fees.
Buy PREPAID credits and only pay R10.26 for code GUSTY
Click here to see how - Save up to 30% with PrePaid WindSMS Credits

A typical Station SMS report
Note the format
Average Speed - Average Direction - low wind - High Wind

Kitebeach Tableview wind
19 Oct 15h39
19 degC 1009 mb
Avg-dir-lo-Hi knots
Windspeed is in knots (1 knot = 1.85 kph
(quick calculation - multiply knots x2 = kph)
  • Gust windspeeds are one factor to take into account for your safety.
  • We were the first to consider the lowest windspeed in the same period.
  • The difference between the High and Lo wind speed allows you to see how gusty it is. Normally the more consistent the wind is, the smoother the ride.
    • A big difference between Lo & Hi speed = very gusty and potentially dangerous.
    • A small difference between Lo & Hi = consistent smooth wind conditions.
  • Another factor to be aware of - How much is the wind direction swinging from side to side? Consistent direction makes sailing and surfing easier.

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