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SMS Swell Reports for the SA Coast

Get SMS Swell Reports for the next 4 days - we offer daily updates

Simply SMS the following KEYword to 36010 at R5
Works for ALL ZA networks. No free SMS.

The request SMS is composed of the Area code
plus you ADD the letter S for Swell.
Daily SWELL SMS forecast
 EBS =Elands Bay  LAS =Langebaan  CTS =Cape Town
 MBS =Mossel Bay  JBS =Jeffreys Bay  ELS =East London
 DBNS =Durban  SCS =South Coast  NCS =North Coast


First we give the Swell and then the Wind info.
Swell Info
a) Swell direction,
b) the period of the swell in seconds
- the shorter the period, the more it is a short wind chop
9 secs and less = wind chop = choppy small surf
- the longer the period, the more it becomes a ground swell which generates good surf
10 - 13 secs = ground swell plus 2+ Metre = good surf
14 secs and greater = great ground swell plus 3+ Metre = great pumping surf

Wind Info
a) Wind direction
b) speed in knots (kph = knots x 1.85 or roughly x2)

SMS Example
CT Swell & Wind
28Sep 8pm
SW 3.2m
16s SE 9kts
SW 3.2m 13s
SE 10kts
SW 2.7m 11s
WNW 8kts
SW 2.5m 10s
SSW 12kts

SMS Example
DBN Swell & Wind
28Sep 8pm
E 2.1m 8s
N 11kts
E 2.1m 8s ENE
E 1.9m 8s
ENE 13kts
E 1.6m 8s
SSE 13kts

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