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Daily Tide Info and
EMAIL Tide Tables for South Africa

Today's Tides around South Africa - shows the height of the tide in metres
together with almanac info - Moon phases, plus Sunrise & sunset, Moonrise & Moonset

SA Tide Tables are based on ONE of the below 3 towns which are closest to you.
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Today's Tides Cape Town

Today's Tides PE

Today's Tides Durban

SMS Tide Tables for the Traveller
Simply SMS the following KEYwords to 36010 at R5
(Works for All ZA networks. No free SMS. All errors billed.)
The request SMS is composed of the Town code
and ADD the letter T for tide.
Cape Town= CTT (applies to the whole West Coast)
Port Elizabeth= PET (all the East coast from Plett to Port Alfred)
Durban= DBNT (from East London and the whole of KZN)

Tide Tables emailed every 2 months valid for 2 months

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