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Mossel Bay 10-day Windguru Forecast

Click here to see actual Wind speed and direction at Mossel Bay airfield Affiliated Wind Report.

Get Live! Wind speed & direction from Mossel Bay airfield & area
- with past wind info from 15, 30 & 45 mins ago
SMS the below 2-letter CODE for the STATION to 36010 @R5
 MB =Mossel Bay Airfield  SD =SeDgefield  WD =WilDerness  SS =StruiSbaai
(Works for ALL ZA networks.All SMS charged-no free SMS)

Choose locations from the Top Menu - the Table SCROLLS for 10 days. DRAG right and left.

See the Live! Wind speed & direction for ALL the S. Cape stations - click here

Travel Info - easy and quick by SMS. Simply SMS the following codes to 36010 @R5
MBS =a 4-day Swell & Wind Forecast
MBW4 =a 4-day Weather Forecast
MBW =Full Daily Weather forecast
Works for ALL ZA networks. All SMS charged. No free SMS.

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