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Weather Forecast Info around Cape Town - this a shortlink to this page.
Check the dates on the charts. Refresh using CTRL+F5 to pull the latest one from the server.
YR Meteo usually very good forecast for Rain over Peninsula.

Guru-Cape Point
WindGuru-Cape Town - usually very good forecast for general weather

Download the daily PDF forecast for Cape Town - useful for guest houses
Right click here for YR Daily PDF

YR Long Term

Travellers Weather SMS - 4-day Forecast & Daily Forecast
We offer a 4-day Weather forecast and a Comprehensive Daily Weather forecast
Simply SMS the following KEYwords to 36010 at R5
(Works for ALL ZA networks. No free sms)
The request SMS is composed of the Town code PLUS the letters
W4 for a 4-day Forecast
or the letter W for Comprehensive Daily forecast.
 Cape Town - CTW4 =4-day forecast and daily Cape Town = CTW
 Elands Bay - EBW4 or EBW  Langebaan - LAW4 or LAW  
 Mossel Bay - MBW4 or MBW  George - GEOW4 or GEOW  Jeffreys Bay - JBW4 or JBW
 Port Elizabeth - PEW4 or PEW4  Port Alfred - PAW4 or PAW4  East London - ELW4 or ELW4
 Durban - DBNW4 or DBNW  KZN S.Coast - SCW4 or SCW  KZN N.Coast - NCW4 or NCW
 Joburg - JHBW4 or JHBW  Pretoria - PTAW4 or PTAW  Bloemfontein - BFNW4 or BFNW
Updated as conditions evolve around 2am 8am 2pm 8pm

Details of the 4-Day Weather Forecast Explained

The legend for the values is the first line.
Each day is on 1x line - they follow each other
1) Min & Max temperature for the day in °C,
2) The maximum Cloud cover (as a percentage of total sky),
3) Total Rain for the day in millimetres (25.4 mm = inch),
4) Windspeed in kph (for knots divide by 1.85 or roughly HALVE it!)
5) Wind direction.

SMS example
Min Max degC-Cloud-Rain-Wind kph
28Sep 11/26 5% 0mm 5-15 SE
29Sep 13/29 0% 0mm 12-18 SE
30Sep 13/22 95% 0.2mm 6-15 WNW
01Oct 7/16 86% 1mm 13-21 SSW

Daily Weather Forecast Explained

1) The location and date
2) Minimum and Maximum Temperature for the day - in °C.
3) Then we divide the forecast into Morning = AM and Afternoon = PM
4) Cloud Cover for the area as a percentage of total sky
5) the Total Rain in mm for the period
6) Wind direction from 16 compass points.
7) Windspeed in kph (for knots divide by 1.85 or roughly HALVE it)

SMS example
CPT 28Sep
Min11/Max26 degC
Cloud 3%
Rain 0mm
Wind SSE 5-11kph
Cloud 5%
Rain 0mm
Wind SE 10-15kph

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